Print Design

The Social Eclipse offers Print Design services to design and develop print materials and marketing strategies to coincide with your online marketing efforts. The Social Eclipse will ensure that your messaging and vision remains clear throughout all materials and is available to assist in content direction and creation.

Logo Design and Business Essentials

Your logo is the core of your brand’s message, portraying a visual representation of your company for instant consumer recognition and embodying your company’s public image. This powerful element of your branding strategy should function like a miniature advertisement, calling to mind the goods or services provided by your company and inspiring confidence while differentiating you from your competition. If your existing logo fails to capture these attributes, it may be necessary to rework or redesign it to better promote your company. When starting a new company, customized logo design is essential for success.

Business cards are the second most important offline marketing material as it is a constant reminder of you and your company. It is essential that your business card portray your company and you effectively as it is a lasting memory, a constant image that people will always carry with them. The Social Eclipse wants to ensure your brand is portrayed through every aspect of your company and will work with you to develop the perfect business card.

Additionally, letterhead and customized envelopes are business essentials that carry your company brand through the core items of every company. Letterhead is designed and printed on exceptional quality paper and all envelopes are custom-made, not bulk envelopes ran through a printer. The Social Eclipse will provide a thorough review of your company to determine the best solution to fit your needs.

Brochures, Signs, Banners and More

The Social Eclipse can work with you in every aspect in your offline marketing materials to ensure you are prepared for any situation. From brochures, signs, banners, sales booklets, anything you need can be created to facilitate every need your company has as well as ensure you have a consistent message.

Print Design is handled on a case-by-case basis and prices are determined by the nature, content and goals of your project. The Social Eclipse offers commercial printing through a partnership with a nationwide commercial printer.

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