Site Design


Having an online presence is crucial to any company and first impressions are created based upon your website or lack thereof. Does your website portray the true image of your company and is it consistent with your company mission? Is your website user friendly, functional and up to date? Your site’s look and feel, content organization, tone and overall message is key to customers choosing to do business with you. Having a social media presence where you can have direct conversations with your customers is necessary given the power of individuals to impact your bottom line in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

The Social Eclipse develops websites in WordPress to allow integration of traditional websites, social media and blogs while creating your online brand that is consistent with your offline brand. This exact and delicate combination creates your true online presence. Websites are fully customizable, allowing for almost any look and feel; you can have all of the benefits of a static site alongside cutting-edge social media integration and the ability to update quickly and easily. Social media and blogging creates relationships with your customers as well as generate targeted traffic to your site while having frequent updates encourages your customers to return often and to recommend your site and services to others.

Whether developing a site from scratch or giving your company a new look and feel by redeveloping your current site, The Social Eclipse is your company of choice. Price points vary based on functionality and complexity of design and customization. The Social Eclipse will perform an initial evaluation of your current website to determine the scope of the project and timeline required to meet your desired results.

Site Maintenance

Although content on sites can be easily managed by almost anyone, some clients prefer to focus on other business operations and leave the ongoing site maintenance to the professional. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, The Social Eclipse provides training and full management access with each new site launch.

If you are looking for full Site Maintenance, The Social Eclipse offers customizable packages based on your specific needs to manage your site on a monthly basis. These packages include any content or informational updates, as well as regular upkeep of the site.

Web Hosting

For those needed a safe and secure place to host your current sites, The Social Eclipse offers Web Hosting. For $10 a month, you will receive 2.5 GB Disk Space, 2.5 GB Band Width, unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited sub-domains, and unlimited domains parked. Handling the actual transfer of web hosting can be challenging and The Social Eclipse simplifies the process by guaranteeing a professional transfer handled personally by one of the in-house technicians. This service is offered completely free of charge.

Contact The Social Eclipse for more information on Site Design, Development and Redevelopment, Site Maintenance and Web Hosting.